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Supersplat is an application for discovering potential splice junctions in high throughput sequencing (HTS) data.  It does this by virtue of Doug's brilliance, in which it is able to pick out splice junctions amidst the enormous number of genomic reads. 

Supersplat v1.0 Publicly Released - 4/15/2010

Supersplat manuscript accepted by Bioinformatics and Supersplat Source Code Released

  • Supersplat advance access manuscript can be found here.
  • Download the supersplat source code here.

Supersplat v1.0 - 4/9/2010

Version 1.0 is a major re-haul of the original Supersplat.  Previous versions are no longer supported.  Some of the significant changes include:

  • Progress bars! You now get an estimate of how long it is going to take to complete your process.
  • Other cool stuff
  • It reads your mind. You no longer have to use flags with your desired options.

Supersplat v0.5 - 8/18/09

Version 0.5 marks the first developmental release of Supersplat that is available to the general scientific community.

  • Given the fasta formatted reference file and the fast formatted HTS reads file, Supersplat will comprehensively search the reads for potential splice jucntions.
  • Supersplat generates a large amount of output and can be intense on underpowered systems.  Make sure that your system meets the recommended specs.