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The Mockler lab located at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri is at the interface of computational bioinformatics and molecular genomics. Our lab consists of postdocs, graduate students, and technicians from both disciplines that work together in an effort to further elucidate the fundamental inner workings of plant genomes.

On the informatics side of things, our bioinformaticians are able to leverage the computational resources provided by a state of the art cluster. This greatly empowers us to take full advantage of the wealth of biological data produced by High-throughput sequencing and make identifications that can be verified in vitro. As for our molecular biologists, automated robotic systems have been installed enabling them to exhaustively search across entire systems for interactions. Ultimately, whether they work in silico or in vivo the researchers in our lab act in concert to systematically identify the mechanisms that govern entire biological systems.

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