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QSRA is a quality-value guided de novo short read assembler.  All high-throughput sequencing platforms incorporate errors in their output, so QSRA is a short-read assembler must be designed to account for these errors while still utilizing all available data.

QSRA v1.0 - 4/11/2009

Version 1.0 is now publicly available and has been published in BMC Bioinformatics. In test against other short-read assemblers:

  • QSRA produced assemblies of the highest genomic coverage,
  • QSRA is extremely competitive in its longest contig and N50/N80 contig lengths
  • It's results are of a quality comparable to those of EDENA and VELVET
  • A detailed analysis of QSRA compared to other short-read assemblers can be found in the paper here.

QSRA v0.1

Version 0.5 marks the first developmental release of Supersplat that is available to the general scientific community.

  • Given the fasta formatted reference file and the fast formatted HTS reads file, Supersplat will comprehensively search the reads for potential splice jucntions.
  • Supersplat generates a large amount of output and can be intense on underpowered systems.  Make sure that your system meets the recommended specs.