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Papaya Diurnal Project

Welcome to the online resource for supplemental information for the Papaya Diurnal Project.  The Papaya Diurnal project was a preliminary analysis of diurnal and circadian regulatory promoter elements.  The details of this project and its findings can be found in the original published paper.  The data that was used in the analysis can be accessed from this page.

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In your publication, you can cite the original paper that presented these resources:

Anna Zdepski, Wenqin Wang, Henry D. Priest, Faraz Ali, Maqsudul Alam, Todd C. Mockler and Todd P. Michael Conserved Daily Transcriptional Programs in Carica papaya Trop Plant Biol. 2008 December; 1(3-4): 236–245. PMID: 20671772